EXPOSED!! BARACK OBAMA And JOE BIDEN Linked To MISSING $5.3 BILLION During Obama Administration


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Earlier, Mark Levin an American lawyer, author, and radio personality directed a comment towards pencil neck Adam Schiff and Speaker Pelosi saying “You’ve Just Awakened a Sleeping Giant.” Mark’s comment came as a result of the constant push by Democrats to have a duly elected President impeached at all cost even if it means fabricating evidence.
Yes!! Justice catching up with Hillary fast,AG Barr arrests 8 associate’s that illegally funded 2016 campaign (must read)

Well, Mark Levin was right after all as the sleeping giant is up and out to get the Trump-Hating Democrats starting with Former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

TruePundit reports: Rudy Giuliani just dropped a bank safe on the heads of Joe Biden and Barack Obama — a bank safe that might be missing billions in U.S. funds.

Giuliani dropped this massive bombshell in a tweet earlier today.

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  1. why aren’t we hearing more about this in the mainstream media, or at least on Fox cable? Also, why isn’t our republican-controlled Senate doing something about this sham that’s going on against President Trump? Is Lindsey Graham just a fake front man doing nothing? This is horrible! If something isn’t done about this our country is lost to Absolute and total corruption.

  2. This should be thoroughly investigated immediately. 5.3 Billion is a staggering amount of money.
    A billion dollars is one thousand million.
    People should be held accountable ;
    No matter who they are.
    Let’s have the courage as a country ;
    to do the ethical , positive , accountable
    thing .
    When are key people going to be subpoenaed, to testify.
    No taking the fifth ; American people deserve the truth !

  3. Why isn’t Page and strzok in prison? Waiting for a sentence? If they aren’t charged for Bias. They should be convicted for threatening President Trump life…
    The text says a lot..

  4. Im ashamed of our goverment playing with tax payers money like they are we dont need infastructer and lots in this country with that one giveaway.people chould have health care free for a while our country if our money was spent here where it belongs.we wouldnt see.crapy roads ,bridges and such shame on them.

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