Extremist Scotus Emboldening State Legislatures To Break The Law


    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) stated Wednesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut that she believes that the Supreme Court is “emboldening state legislatures to actually violate the law” by passing abortion-limiting laws.
    Warren answered a question about an Oklahoma law by saying, “I grew-up in Oklahoma during a time when abortion was legal, but I knew that women still had the right to have abortions.” The rich women simply moved to another place. They had access to abortion and could travel. Back alleys were a popular choice for poor women. Even if Oklahoma declares that it will prosecute anyone who tries to have an abortion, these abortions will still happen. It is just a matter of how much risk and danger there is and how difficult it falls on the most vulnerable and poorest.

    She said, “See Oklahoma’s events as yet another evidence that an extremist Supreme Court does not just lay down the rules. They encourage people in state legislatures to break the law. Roe v Wade remains the law of today. Yet, the Oklahoma state legislature continues to ignore that law, believing that an extremist court will eventually support them.