Family Reveals New York Student Captured by Hamas Terrorists


According to his family, a New York student was captured by Hamas last weekend after Israel and Gaza went to war.

Omer Neutra was an Israeli-American born in New York who served in the Israel Defense Force and was captured by Hamas on the Israel-Gaza Border on October 10th, according to his family.

“He is a leader by nature, a son and friend who loves to give, and someone who has a passion for life.” He decided to take a gap year in Israel to reconnect with his family roots after graduating from high school. His parents, Ronen Neutra and Orna Neutra said this in a Facebook post by the Plainview Volunteer Fire Department in Long Island. This experience influenced his decision to remain in Israel and continue doing what he believed in — protecting and serving the people of Israel.

Neutra’s family said that Neutra was doing this when Hamas seized him three days earlier and that they haven’t heard from him since.

Neutra’s parents met with Mayor Eric Adams of New York City on October 11, 2011.

The war is hitting home. Ronen and Orna from Long Island await news about their son Omer who was abducted by Hamas over the weekend”, said the mayor in a posting on X, formerly Twitter. This fight is ours. “It just is.” #WeStandWithIsrael “We must bring back every hostage.”

The Neutras begged Hamas leaders “to treat their son, and other hostages in a humane way according to international law.”