Famous Actor Reveals Devastating Lung Cancer Diagnosis


Dolph Lundgren, the famous actor, revealed that he has been battling lung cancer for eight years during an appearance on Wednesday’s “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.”

Lundgren’s lung cancer was diagnosed in 2015. He underwent successful treatment. In 2020, his lung cancer returned and he was informed that it was terminal. The actor claimed that his spine, kidneys and lungs all had tumors.

He used his hands as an estimate of the size. He said, “They took out another, the other two, they found, and another three small ones, so six in total. Hopefully it’s been cleaned out. If it dies, I know it will die.”

He visited a doctor in 2020 after experiencing acid reflux. After undergoing an MRI he learned that six tumors were removed. He was later found to have another tumor in the liver.

Then it dawned on me that there was something very serious going on. The surgeon told me that they did a scan, um, to prepare for surgery. “No, no, we can’t remove it. It’s the size of a small orange,” he said.

He said in the podcast that if they couldn’t remove it, then you would have to use systemic therapy.

The famous actor was once told that he only had 2 to 3 years left. Lundgren was told to spend time with his family and take a break from work.

“I haven’t heard from Cedars in six months. They never called or sent me anything.” He said, “I think that now I look back on it they probably thought I was a lost cause.”

As the reality of his situation began to sink in, he booked an appointment to see a new doctor to explore his options.

Lundgren admitted, “It wasn’t that I was bitter, but I felt sorry for you, your child, my children, my fiance, and the people around me.”

The new doctor of the actor found a mutation that is common in lung tumors and prescribed medication that targets this mutation. It has shown positive results. Lundgren’s tumors shrank quickly by 20-30%, and he was responding well.

He said, “2022 was basically just watching these drugs do their work and things finally shrank to about 90%.”

He said, “I’m currently removing the scar tissue left over from these tumors.”

Lundgren has become more appreciative of his life than ever before.

He said: “You just appreciate being alive, knowing that you can spend every day with the people you love. And, uh, y’know, you appreciate having a-being lucky enough to live,”