Fauci Says U.S Is Out Of The Pandemic Phase Of The Chinese Coronavirus


    This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the U.S. has passed the pandemic stage, despite his January claim that the world was still in the first stage. Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour’s chief White House medical advisor, asked: “How close to the end this pandemic?” Fauci initially answered that it was an “unanswerable” question, but he quickly said that he thinks the U.S. has “certainly… exited the pandemic phase.”

    “We don’t have 900,000.00 new infections per day, tens of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths. He said that we are at a low level.

    So, if you are asking, “Are we out of the Pandemic Phase in this Country?” He said that what we want to do is not something he believes — and he has spoken extensively about it — but that we aren’t going to eradicate the virus. He also suggested that people might need to be vaccinated “intermittently”.

    Fauci stated, “I don’t know how frequently that would have to happen, Judy.”

    “That could be every year. It might take longer to maintain that level. We are not yet in the pandemic stage in this country right now. Pandemic refers to a rapidly spreading infection in the world that is widespread. He said that the global pandemic was “still ongoing” and that it is still being dealt with.

    Fauci also stated that he supports stricter reporting requirements. Woodruff agreed, saying, “Yes, I would love to see that.”

    He said, “I would love to see a way where you can, when you receive an antigen test in some way or another, put it into an app and get some way of recording it.”

    Fauci’s comments come months after he stated that the world was only at the beginning stage of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

    Breitbart News reported January that:

    The White House chief Medical Advisor, who is being scrutinized for his constant flip-flopping throughout the pandemic as well as dismissing questions about funding gain at the Wuhan laboratory, stated Monday that the world was still in the initial stage of the pandemic. “Where the entire world is really very negatively affected as we are now.”

    There are still four phases, which, according to Fortune, include deceleration and control, elimination and eradication.

    Fauci claims that there has been no decline in the number of cases of the omicron virus variant.

    After citing his personal risk of contracting the Chinese coronavirus, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseasess (NIAID), made waves this week. He still enjoyed himself in 2020 when Fauci, a maskless, attended a Washington Nationals baseball match. The event was indeed a success.