FBI Bulletin Warns of Dirty Bomb Threat, Increasing Calls for Civil War After Raid of Mar-a-Lago


After the FBI executed a search warrant at the Florida home of former President Trump, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (and the Department of Homeland Security) sent a bulletin warning law enforcement agencies of the increased threat.

According to the bulletin, DHS/FBI have observed an increase in violence against government personnel, judiciary, and law enforcement in the days after the execution of the warrant.

In recent days, there has been an increase in calls for civil war and armed rebellion on social media.

The bulletin states that many threats are related to the claim of 2020’s election being stolen.

The bulletin states that several threats are specific. According to the bulletin, the FBI and DHS have “identified multiple articulated threats” and call for the targeted killing of judicial enforcement officials and government officials involved in the Palm Beach Search, as well as the Federal judge who approved it.

Bulletin refers to an Aug. 11 incident where an individual tried to enter the FBI Cincinnati branch office. Ricky Shiffer Jr. fled the scene when officers arrived. He then entered a standoff with law enforcement officers and FBI agents. The six-hour standoff ended in his death.

Monday saw FBI agents execute a search warrant at Trump’s Florida home and seize 11 sets of material. Some of the material is classified, while others are highly confidential.

Trump stated on Truth Social that Federal agents had taken documents and they were “all declassified” since Friday’s warrant was published.

“Number 1 was that it was all classified. Number 2 was that they didn’t need to seize it. Trump stated that they could have it whenever and wherever they wanted. This includes from long ago. “All They Had To Do Was Ask. What will they do with the 33,000,000 pages that President Obama brought to Chicago?

The National Archives and Records Administration released a statement stating that former President Obama does not have access to records related to his presidency.