FBI Director Christopher Wray Finally Responds to Raid of Trump Residence


FBI Dir. Christopher Wray finally replied to his FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home. He wants you to find out who the true victims are.

It seems that, despite all the questions surrounding this action, such as the fact it was allegedly caused by a mundane dispute about the Presidential Records Act Act, those who criticize the FBI are the real bad guys. This is a shocking and surprising response from the consummate businessman.

Here’s Wray’s song.

I am trying to imagine something that I don’t care about, other than the FBI citing unnamed death threats as a way for them to distract from their own malfeasance. This is what corrupt government officials do. They use a slapstick approach to draw back, then try to disqualify the blowback by saying “I am getting death threats.”

You are now a public figure. Heck, I’m an anonymous politician writer and have received death threats. None of the agents have been hurt in the seven years the FBI has been targeting Donald Trump with ruthless, deliberate actions. This is not a story about the FBI or its employees. It is about the bureau’s actions and Wray will not change that.

The FBI was able to treat all political actors equally. Instead, they treated Hillary Clinton like a child, didn’t target Hunter Biden at any point, and sent armed agents after Donald Trump to resolve a simple records dispute. This was Wray’s decision (he did not approve the Trump raid), and he now faces the consequences in public opinion and Washington, if elected Republicans have any backbone.

Wray and his associates aren’t immune to the principle of you reap what you sew, and Wray is no exception. They wanted to scorch the earth and use their bureau for political purposes. They can’t just slam the brakes when things get difficult. Despite its history of scandals, the FBI was once respected by most Americans. Those days are gone and with good reason.

The story isn’t that Wray is worried about anonymous threats from the far reaches of the internet. It’s irrelevant that there are 330 million Americans, especially since we are dealing with an agency with unlimited resources to defend itself. It is clear that the FBI has become a corrupt, partisan dumpster fire. They have two sets of rules that are tailored to each target’s political views. Wray had the chance to alter that dynamic, but he has only contributed to it. He’s the one who is responsible.