FBI Escalates Its War on Anti-Abortion Protesters


In Communist China, Cuba, North Korea, and other countries that are open to dissent, you will find the use of law enforcement to intimidate political opponents.

This is America’s current situation on the abortion political battlefield. More than 50 bombings have taken place since the Dobbs decision. For any crime against abortion counseling centers, there has not been one arrest or indictment.

The Justice Department proudly announced the arrest of 11 people for violating the FACE Act. This is the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act which the United States government discovered.

Was it Dobbs’ retribution? With this group of gangsters, it’s hard to say.

Chester Gallagher (73), from Lebanon and Tennessee, and Eva Edl (87), both in Aiken, South Carolina were among 11 criminals arrested for protesting abortion centers.

It is impossible to believe the press release about the indictment.

According to the indictment, Chester Gallagher used Facebook from February 2021, to promote anti-abortion activities in Nashville, March 4–7, 2021. Other conspirators used Facebook for travel logistics coordination. Gallagher also described the blockade as a “rescue” in a Facebook post. Boyd began a Facebook live stream broadcast on March 5, 2021, at 7:45 am. It recorded the blockade that Boyd and his associates made at the clinic’s entrance. They also prevented any patient or employee from entering. Boyd also live-streamed the conversation between the patient and members of the group.

A SWAT team from the FBI visited Mr. Gallagher when he was not there. The FBI called other pro-life activists and told them to surrender.

This release can be found by replacing “Black Lives Matter” activists with “coconspirators”. During the George Floyd Riots, BLM activists used social media extensively. However, they were still allowed to protest in some way.

It is strange that no video shows the protesters using force or physical obstruction to intimidate and injure employees at the clinic or patients seeking reproductive health services.

Protesters do not want to be held. This law was not intended to allow abortions or to violate the fundamental rights of protesters.

This is a worrying development in the abortion debate. This is a violent attack against American liberties because the left has remained silent about the bombings at pro-life centers.