FBI Shows Up on Doorstep of Trump Supporter Who Wasn’t Even at the US Capitol on January 6


We are reporting on the federal law enforcement bureaucracy’s efforts to harass and target Trump associates. Reports indicate that the FBI executed search warrants on Trump supporters’ homes and that the DOJ dropped subpoenas.

Lisa Gallagher from New Jersey claims that the FBI knocked on her door after Joe Biden’s anti-MAGA speech. She shared her story with Tucker Carlson on Monday night.

Gallagher stated that she was scared when federal agents arrived at her door. She stated that she was certain she did nothing wrong but had seen Biden’s speech last night so she believed this was political. She said that FBI agents had informed her that an anonymous tip had been received that she was present at the Capitol on January 6. She invited them to her home and showed them her calendars so they could see that she wasn’t at the Capitol that day.

This is quite a scary thing if it is true. After two years, they must now know of any person who was present at the Capitol on January 6. Is it possible that they are trying to track down people based on a single tip? This is terrifying because of the FBI’s intimidation and the possibility that anyone could turn in someone they donโ€™t like with such a weak accusation. This is what happens in communist and fascist countries.

Where are the Republicans calling this all out? Since the subpoenas were issued and raids occurred, the Republicans have remained silent. This is not a Trump ally, but a regular citizen. This kind of action should make them more worried. They seem to be very quiet. It doesn’t matter if you are quiet. It can be stopped by asking questions and demanding the answers. It can be stopped by shining a bright spotlight on it.