Federal Air Marshals Planning Full-Scale Mutiny Against Biden Administration After Being Stripped From 99 Percent of Commercial Flights


We reported this week that the Biden Administration made the controversial decision to send several U.S. Air Marshalls to the southern border to aid Border Patrol.

The Department of Homeland Security asked that the marshals be directed to the border. Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, didn’t admit that there was a crisis earlier in December. He stated that the border is safe.

According to reports, transportation, cleaning, and hospital watch are the non-law enforcer tasks that marshals have done. Transportation Security Administration claims that redeployed assignments are not “menial”. They claim it doesn’t reflect their crucial and professional law enforcement role.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Wednesday morning reporting, The Air Marshal National Council president said that there is a “mutiny” among federal marshals concerned about safety during peak season.

David Londo, President & CEO of the Air Marshal National Council stated that rank and file Air Marshals wouldn’t deploy and could be terminated. He stated that there was going to be a mutiny in a federal agency.

This would mean that there would be only one federal agent per 100 domestic flights.

Londo stated to The Examiner that the plan had drastically reduced morale, and agents now fear termination because they don’t believe their duties are being done correctly.

Londo stated that the association serves as an association and not a union. Londo stated that the organization serves as an association, not a union.

The United States may see a rise in inflation and a decline in job opportunities for air marshals.

The union head also addressed Secretary Mayorkas. The union head addressed Secretary Mayorkas about the dangers of “friendly skies” not being monitored during holidays.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there were 2,178 complaints from passengers who were disruptive. 767 investigations were initiated and 517 enforcement actions were taken. Your policies have caused complete trust in Secretary Mayorkas and FAM Director Stevenson’s abilities to lead DHS/TSA/FAMS.

Londo noted in his letter that there had been violent attacks on passengers mid-flight. These incidents were caused by weapons brought aboard, and a cockpit breach last week on a Southwest Airlines flight.

DHS has been questioned by the National Association of Police Organizations about the direction of the Air Marshals.

The Federal Air Marshal Service is currently experiencing a staff shortage. It has the lowest number of flights since September 11, 2001. NAPO includes more than 1,000 police departments in the country.

It is difficult to understand why Biden’s DHS took such a drastic step. Although Secretary Mayorkas didn’t immediately respond to the allegations, he did take the time to dispute that federal marshals were doing janitorial work.

It is possible to rebel against the air marshals. The council joined forces with the DHS Office of Inspector General in an effort to launch a federal probe.

This news about a possible marshal mob rebellion comes after reports that railroad workers could strike in the coming months. Americans can cause havoc by ordering goods and traveling across the country.