Feds Feast, Others Fumble: Biden’s Pay Raise Leaves Many Americans Feeling Shafted


Everyone, good news! Joe Biden is looking out for the little guy! Or what kidney they are willing to trade for a tank of gas. Biden keeps his promise of growing the economy from bottom to top. True to his word he ensures that everyone receives a bigger paycheck, or at least for everyone who works for the federal government. Everyone else? You can either go to hell or suffocate.

Biden signed an executive order on Thursday that will give all federal civilian employees a pay increase of 5.2%. Federal News Network reports that the pay increase will be implemented during the first full pay period of January. The wage increase is intended to reduce the wage gap between the federal and private sectors. The network reported that:

The Federal Employee Pay Comparability Act of 1990 (FEPCA) was passed to try and reduce the growing wage gap between employees in the federal sector and those working for private companies. According to a Federal Salary Council report, federal employees have earned 27.54% less than their counterparts in the private sector over the past year.

The average is 5.2%. Some civilian employees may see an increase slightly higher or lower than that figure, depending on where they live. I said that the increase is “ostensibly”, to close the wage gap between the federal government and the private sector. Even the casual observer of politics knows that 2024 will be an election year. It is not a secret that Biden’s popularity is only slightly higher than the majority of STDs. His last polling numbers were collected by Ty-D’Bol Man, I think.

It is not surprising that Biden decided to codify his raises announced in August for federal employees. There’s one demographic of voters he could potentially win over. It was not unnoticed that the timing of this move was perfect. Twitchy gathered a few responses from X.

The good news is that the National Defense Authorization Act will provide funding for the military.

Nobody will begrudge someone else a decent wage or an occasional raise. I’ve known many federal employees who are conservatives in the closet and/or also active members of their communities. I remember the shutdown of the federal government during the Obama Administration. A federal employee was furious and waving around a press statement she had written with her colleagues. The press release was a rant about how upset these people would feel by a two-week break for which they were reimbursed. The same employee did not realize that the energy policy of the government was responsible for the loss of oil and gas jobs in the region.

While federal employees are celebrating their raises, those in the private sector still have to find a way to keep afloat. If they manage to keep their jobs. The Great Uniter has found another way to buy voters while driving another wedge in America.