Feminists Now Want to Stick It to the Man and the Woman!


    Why is feminist passion so intense? They used to just want men to treat women with respect, but that has significantly changed.

    Kevin gives some insight into why left-wing “allies” and feminists are so obsessed with abortion.

    Liberals believe that the one thing that truly hurts conservatives to the core, that really steams their clams, their kryptonite, is a woman walking into an abortion clinic and ending a pregnancy. And the later that abortion is performed, the deeper the dagger is plunged into the heartless chest cavities of every soul-free, woman-hating conservative, or so they believe.

    He is an ex-leftist who knows what he’s talking about.

    Pro-choice commies are no different, nor are their political masters. Biden refuses to denounce the protests in front of the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices. House Democrats refused to provide the justices with more security, even after an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life that the Pravda clown-press barely mentioned. Local law enforcement refuses to arrest the protestors, even though protesting outside justices’ homes is illegal. I call that systemic hatred.

    Megan Rapinoe, a female athlete and insufferable woman, has worked tirelessly for gender equality in sport.

    Kevin explains the reasoning behind her column.

    While real women are fighting for equality in female sports, Rapinoe is nail-gunning her industry to death before young girls can have a chance at the big time. Why would Rapinoe et tu, Brutus her own industry and scuttle opportunities for legions of little girls who are sure to lose trophies and scholarships to boys? Because, despite her so-called dedication to women, she is a slave to “wokeness,” and she doesn’t have the non-binary reproductive organs to stand up and use her voice for what is right and help other young female athletes succeed in sports the way she has succeeded. Rapinoe is a coward.

    Kevin pointed out that Rapinoe sat in the catbird chair because she is a well-known soccer star so doesn’t have to worry about someone pretending that she is a chick.

    If men were allowed to play women’s soccer, Rapinoe might not even be on a team. Weird how she’s down with the woke cause now that SHE is rich, right?

    It’s quite amusing to see how things work out.