Fentanyl Victim’s Mom Responds Appropriately to Joe Biden’s Insensitivity


We previously reported on CNN’s Daniel Dale being told he is the “fact-checker” of the network. He sought clarification from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after she tweeted that Joe Biden was responsible for the deaths of two brothers under Trump’s administration.

As you can see, Greene incorrectly blamed their deaths on Biden’s inept southern border policies. However, in the video she included, Rebecca Kiessling, the mother of the victims, told her that “our government must do more” to secure the border as these tragedies continue to occur in many communities across the country.

Biden responded by bringing up Greene’s comments in a House Democrat event in Baltimore. While he didn’t laugh at the mother’s story, he did giggle at Greene’s remarks at Greene, blaming him for it.

Many videos that have been circulated cut out the comments of Biden specifically referring to Greene. But here’s one that is in context and shows that he was shooting at Greene, not Kiessling.

No matter how you view it, however, the little chuckle at the end was as insensitive as they come. This has caused the Kiesslings even more pain as Rebecca Kiessling’s reaction to the NY Post story about how “Biden laughs At Marjorie Taylor Greene pining 2020 fentanyl death of two brothers on Him”:

Biden was not laughing at the deaths of the sons, but he was using Greene’s claim about when they died to gain political points with Congressional Democrats. He then chuckled at his commentary, which, as I pointed out earlier, was extremely insensitive considering the subject matter.

It is clear that Trump’s administration sought to improve border security and decrease the chance of innocent people being killed by the failing policies of previous administrations. Joe Biden, on the other hand, rolled out the red carpet to illegal immigrants at an open border. Record numbers of illegal immigrants have flooded the border, bringing with them all the crime and other negative elements that are associated with these surges.

The fact that Rebecca Kiessling’s children didn’t die in this administration doesn’t change these unpleasant facts, regardless of how Joe Biden attempts to downplay the terrible situation.