Fetterman Shakes Up Politics: “I’m Not a Progressive,” Senator Declares


The Babylon Bee published one of its best headlines in early December. The Babylon Bee made fun of Sen. John Fetterman’s recent shift to the right on various issues.

Fetterman, who is trying to turn this headline into a reality, is putting in his best effort to do so. He has already expressed his right-leaning views on Israel and the scandal surrounding Sen. Bob Menendez. I’m not just talking about a statement he made. He has repeatedly voiced his opinions in various media outlets, including The View where he was subjected to the screechings of Sonny Hostin.

Fetterman went a step further, however, and he has now come out in favor of tighter immigration regulations, criticizing what he sees as the disaster at the border. If that wasn’t sufficient to make the extreme left rage, Fetterman now declares that he is not a progressive.

Fetterman continues to state that he is in favor of a compromise that would address the border crisis and foreign aid. This has been the Republican position on the issue for several weeks. I don’t say that the guy isn’t still a liberal, but his views have certainly changed. He’s no longer a member of the extreme left-wing factions within the Democratic Party. How do I know this? They are a mess.

One poster above calls him “Sinema 1.0,” as if it’s a negative thing. I would rather have a Kyrsten Sinema-style Democrat than a regular Democrat, any day. Fetterman will be in office for at least the next five years, so any moderating is good for conservatives.

Bob Casey may not be happy with the news, as he faces a difficult reelection campaign in 2024. Fetterman makes Casey appear like the weak, pathetic, and down-the-line Democrat he really is. Pennsylvanians should take note of which senators have the courage to stand up for common sense in the face of left-wing demands.

It’s good to see Fetterman’s change in attitude, regardless of whether it was a new thing or if it has been a long-term trend. We hope he continues to be like this.