Fetterman Targets Menendez on The View


On ABC’s “The View,” Sen. John Fetterman (D-Penn.) said that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), should be expelled from U.S. Senate. He joked that he is more like a “Senator of Egypt, and not New Jersey.”

The Pennsylvania freshman legislator made this claim about the recent expulsion of Rep. George Santos (D-N.Y.) from the House of Representatives. He noted that Menendez was federally charged with participating in a corruption scheme, and deserves the same fate.

Joy Behar, co-host of the show, prompted Fetterman to take down Menendez after mentioning Santos’ removal. This happened just hours after the episode aired.

She said, “You may have heard that Congress just expelled George Santos.”

Fetterman responded, “Yeah. Yeah, Santos.”

“I know that you have also called for Menendez to be removed. Before we get into that, how do you feel about the expulsion? Joy Behar asked.

“Well, I am not surprised,” Fetterman responded.

Santos has been expelled from Congress by a vote of 311 to 54 on Friday morning. Santos, the embattled legislator, has been charged with 23 counts of wire fraud, identity fraud, falsification of records, and credit card fraud. He is accused of spending campaign money on luxury items and treatments like Botox. He has pleaded innocent.

Then, Fetterman turned his attention back on Menendez and said, “But for me, the most important thing is that I have a Senator colleague who has done more sinister, serious things.” Senator Menendez.

The Senator continued to compare both, saying, “And how can you let someone like Menendez remain in the Senate if you’re going to expel Santos?”

“You know, Santos lied were almost funny and like, he landed on the Moon. This kind of stuff. You know, I believe Menendez is a Senator from Egypt and not New Jersey.”

According to federal prosecutors’ charges, three businessmen collectively paid hundreds, thousands of dollars in bribes – including cash, gold, and a Mercedes-Benz – to Menendez since 2018. He agreed to use his influence and power to protect them, enrich them, and to benefit from Egypt’s government.

Fetterman is one of more than 12 Senate Democrats who have asked Senator Menendez to resign.

“So I really think he needs to go, and uh, especially it’s kind of strange that if Santos is not allowed to remain in the House, you know, someone like that…” Fetterman told the “The View” co-hosts.

The office of Sen. Menendez did not respond immediately to a comment request.