Finnish PM Marin Sanna Says She Took Drug Test as New Video of Her Dancing With Man Not Her Husband Surfaces


Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime Minister, said that she had taken a drug test after being criticized for partying with celebrities. A new video also surfaced showing her dancing with someone other than her husband.

Marin denied any rumors of drug use at the party, and she contested any claims that her behavior had been inappropriate.

Marin said that he did not do anything illegal, according to a BBC translation. “Even as a teenager, I have never used any type of drug.”

Marin stated that she only took the drug test to show good faith to her critics in parliament and the public.

Marin can be seen drinking alcohol in the video. However, Marin is not shown doing any drugs or drinking in the short clips. This has led many of her supporters and critics to call her actions unreasonable.

“I believe my ability to function was very good. The Finnish leader said that there were no meetings during the party days”. “I trust people will understand that work and leisure can be separated,” he said.

Marin’s partying with celebrities is a source of youth and cool, according to supporters. However, critics claim that the lack of professionalism and public exposure Marin receives are unacceptable for a leader in the world.

Friday’s second video was leaked. In it, Marin is seen dancing with Olavi Uusivirta (Finnish pop musician), who leans in close. The media speculated that Uusivirta was smooching Marin on her neck. However, the prime minister refuted the claims, saying that he was speaking directly into Marin’s ear or kissing her cheek.

Marin stated, “If someone has kissed my cheek, there’s no inappropriate or something that I can’t handle or share with my husband.”

This isn’t the first scandal that has befallen the prime minister of young England.

Marin was under severe scrutiny during the pandemic after it was revealed that she had been exposed to COVID-19 through her participation in a dance club.