FL Primary: Top Gov DeSantis Is Running Against Nobody but the School Board


Governor Ron DeSantis will not be on Tuesday’s Florida primary ballot. No Republican has challenged Governor Ron DeSantis’s record-breaking GOP tenure during the COVID era, or his record-breaking war cash OpenSecrets report to have been $165 million since his election. DeSantis has not been defeated by a primary opponent, and he launched a Maverick-inspired “Top Governor” ad this week against the mainstream media.

DeSantis is enjoying a cool cruise through the primary. Now, it’s being asked if he will run for president in 2024. DeSantis has not resigned as Governor. Desantis has been visiting Florida to promote his strong education agenda. He rejected COVID school closings, curriculum transparency, and indoctrination. He also supported civics education and financial literacy education. Florida is ranked as one of the best states for education.

DeSantis wants to continue Gov’ing by electing conservative candidates to school boards throughout the state. DeSantis’ PAC made $1000 donations to each of his endorsed candidates and paid for mailers at least in two counties.

DeSantis is a pioneer in the political world, steering the non-partisan school board elections. These races are often ignored by the top-of-the-ticket candidates. America’s most beloved governor is a trendsetter and this idea will likely gain traction with Republican leaders from other states. He told the crowd at a Sarasota stop of the “Education Agenda Tour”, Monday that if there was a conservative majority in every school board across the country, then we would be in great shape.

DeSantis tweeted the list of 29 candidates endorsed by him, which he said was committed to his “bold” education agenda. During Monday’s Sarasota speech, the Governor encouraged voters to participate by telling the crowd.

“November is going to be very important, but we have some work to do Tuesday.”