Fleeing Felon Bursts Into Flames After Getting Tased


You’re riding your motorcycle, the wind in your hair, fleeing cops at more than 100 mph, and then suddenly you are on your bike! You’re like a Buddhist monk who has an axe to grind.

A Dashcam video shows a high-speed chase that took place on October 13th at approximately 1:11 AM. It involved Arkansas State Troopers as well as a man riding a motorcycle who refused to pull over.

The motorcycle was not registered by the state trooper, so the cop turned on his lights. The biker took to the road and began a fast pursuit. At one point, the motorcycle was traveling 120 miles an hour. The chase lasted almost ten minutes and took place on side streets as well as three interstates. To avoid being stopped and red-flagged, the biker drove right into traffic and even drove into it to avoid police.

He fled to a residential area and left his bike behind.

The Darwin Awards honor people who have died as a result of stupid or illogical decisions. You may not get an honorable mention if the biker you’re reading about survived. While I agree that resisting arrest is never a good idea, motorcycles can travel to places that police cars cannot. The biker’s crazy idea of fleeing on foot was just one of many.

A trooper stopped the man as he ran away and told him to slow down. The officer shot his taser at the man, who continued running. Instantly, the man burst into flames. The fleeing felon was transformed into a flaming idiot. Much of his body was consumed by fire. A container of gas was in the man’s backpack. It exploded when a taser dart struck it.

The dumbest decision this man made that night was to run from the police with a gas can in his backpack.

The burning man then struggled to and fro and eventually rolled around on the grass. Troopers ran back to their squad car for a fire extinguisher and doused the man, who by now was no longer interested in fleeing. He had a change of strategy and began yelling, “Help me! Help me!”

Burning Man is an annual event in which a bunch of filthy beatnik-wannabees travels to Nevada to get drugs, unprotected sexual sex, and avoid soap and water for a few short days.

The cops and the man were both choking on the smoke. He was repeatedly told by the cops to keep his hands behind his back. The man replied, “I can’t breath” (where else did that phrase come from?). Another cop replied, “None can, put your hands behind you!”

The barbeque biker asked the cops for his jacket to be taken off because it was probably very hot. The cops led him away in cuffs.

“Unbeknownst to the Troopers the suspect had a gas canister in his backpack,” said Police Pursuits, which posted the video. The can was likely punctured by the TASER prongs. Although the burns were not severe, they were very noticeable. He is expected to make a complete recovery.

The perp was taken to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital burn unit for treatment. He was charged with reckless driving, driving while his license is suspended, and felony fleeing.

This isn’t the first time that a taser has caused someone else to explode. Jason Jones, 29 years old, sprayed his shirtless body with hand sanitizer at a Catskill police station. He began to fight with the police and was eventually tased. He then burst into flames, and later succumbed to his injuries.

What have we learned?

It is not a good idea to resist arrest. It is not recommended to abandon your motorcycle in order to flee the police on foot. Stop moving if you have gas in your backpack or there is a chance that you will be tased. Perhaps a citation for not having a license plate is not the worst thing that could happen to you.

Below is the complete video including the chase. The fireworks begin at the 9:16 mark.