Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Goes On Offense Against Critical Race Theory


    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced a bill to fight both woke corporations as well as Marxist ideologies like Critical Race Theory in schools and at work in the Sunshine State.

    Gov. DeSantis said it’s based upon false history when they try looking back and denigrate Founding Fathers and denigrate the American Revolution. He added that civics should be a priority, and must be taught accurately. He vowed that it would not be ideologically based.

    The Florida Department of Education approved a proposal to effectively ban Critical Race Theory and other content inspired by this divisive ideology being taught at schools. This rule prohibits educators from persuading or indoctrinating students to a certain point of view.

    DeSantis doesn’t believe the action should stop there. CRT is also accepted in “corporate boardrooms” and employee training at some of America’s most powerful companies.

    DeSantis proposes the Stop W.O.K.E Act, which is the first legislation of its kind in the country. It is intended to combat corporate wokeness and critical racism in schools. He announced the legislation at a Wildwood press conference that it would protect teachers, students, and their families.

    The legislation would make CRT training illegal. It makes it clear that employers in the public and private sectors violate the Florida Civil Rights Act when their employees are subject to CRT training.

    It also finds CRT discriminatory in education. The measure will stop what his office calls “indoctrination under the guise of professional development” and require districts and schools to follow professional development frameworks consistent in Florida’s lawful, publicly adopted state standards

    Employees have a clearer path to a private cause for action against discrimination at work through the Stop WOKE Act.
    It provides parents and students with a private avenue of recourse against indoctrinating practices K-20. This bill protects teachers who do their best and push back against illegal mandates from their elected district leaders. It also gives the State Board of Education enforcement power in K-12 settings.

    DeSantis stated that CRT is based on historical falsities earlier this year. He also noted that it was “offensive” for taxpayers to fund the teachings of something so dark and divisive.

    DeSantis said it’s offensive for the taxpayer that they would have to fund critical race theory. He added that the taxpayers are being asked to teach children to hate their country and hate each other.