Florida Sheriff Offers Advice To Looting Victims, ‘You Shoot Him So That He Looks Like Grated Cheese’


Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd offered straightforward advice to people whose homes or businesses were damaged by Hurricane Ian: “Take your pistol and shoot him. Shoot him until his face looks like grated cheese. ”

This wisdom was shared by Sheriff Judd on Friday’s Fox & Friends appearance. He pointed out that many people were bad actors who took advantage of the chaos to steal homes and businesses already damaged by severe flooding and high winds.


“Well, Judd can confirm that I was there with Sheriff Marceno, my friend. It was absolutely unacceptable. ”

Judd stated, “I recommend that you shoot a looter who comes into your home while you are out stealing stuff.” “Shoot him that he looks like grated cheese. “This is the one looter that won’t let anyone into their home and exploit them when they’re weakest and most vulnerable.”

Judd’s comments echo those made by Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor. He reminded anyone considering looting their neighbors’ homes and businesses that the Sunshine State is one where you can stand up for yourself.


DeSantis stated that “We want to make sure we’re keeping law order,” noting the fact that law enforcement was primarily focused on areas most affected.

He warned that looters and those who take advantage of vulnerable people should not be considered. The state would support him. Residents were also warned by him that looters could be taking their boats to remote islands to take advantage of vulnerable people. He promised state support.