Florida Warns Credit Card Companies, They Will Bring Down the Hammer for Tracking Firearm Sales


Florida’s Republican legislators are known for being the guardians of the people’s rights. If they proceed with plans to apply codes to guns and ammunition purchases, it will make life difficult for credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This will allow them to track firearm purchases and create an official registry.

We reported previously that major credit card companies created “merchant codes” for firearms. The card company records your purchase, such as a plane ticket or flight ticket, under a specific code. This could create a registry and allow the company to refuse the purchase, if necessary.

The backlash has prompted several Republican politicians to respond. They include Jonathan Skrmetti, Tennessee Attorney General, and Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General. These officials warned companies that investigations would be initiated if they try to track gun purchases.

Florida goes one step further.

Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), issued a statement telling these companies that if they interfere in any way with people’s 2nd Amendment rights, such as putting them on a watchlist or threatening to sue them, Florida will kick them in the pocket. Patronis also pointed out that this was just more ESG nonsense by major corporations and will not be tolerated here in Florida.

“The second Amendment is fundamental to American life. It is alarming to think that law-abiding Americans could be placed on some corporate watchlist. Our Creator is the source of our rights, not the government and not even big corporations. These credit card companies actions are clearly part of a wider effort to limit the God-given constitutional rights that Americans have. This is also indicative of the ESG virus, which is part of a larger global effort to socially reengineer the country we love so much. We cannot allow this to happen in Florida.

“If companies like Visa Mastercard, American Express, and Mastercard are creating these reports to chill the purchase of firearms in the legislature, then I will work with the Legislature and pass a law punishing businesses that target the right to bear weapons. The Fifth Circuit has issued a landmark ruling that limits corporations’ rights to restrict American constitutional rights. We are now on solid legal ground to pursue legislation protecting Floridians’ 2nd Amendment Rights. This can be taken a step further by preventing these companies from doing business with Florida. These large corporations will be notified that they can’t do business with Florida unless they protect Floridians’ right to defend and arm themselves.

Florida isn’t just making empty threats. Florida responded to Disney’s attempt to interfere in politics by removing its tax privileges.

Although it will be difficult to bear the punishment of MasterCard and Visa being unable to do business in Florida, it will open up opportunities for other companies to come in and create a stronger presence. Companies that opt into the ESG system put leftist agenda items in front of customers, which could lead to further disruption of rights or personal livelihoods.

The future will show if companies will ignore Florida’s threats, particularly as Texas and Florida become financial hubs in the United States. However, if credit card companies continue to follow this path and Florida follows through on its threat, this will be a huge blow for these companies.