For Biden, Polls Are Probably Worse Than They Seem


A New York Times/Siena College poll found that President Biden has a 33% approval rating for his job. This makes Biden one of the least popular first-term presidents.

According to my knowledge, no president in modern times has seen greater dissatisfaction from his party during his first term. This is the lowest figure since the Great Recession.

Left-wing pundits couldn’t stop talking about Donald Trump’s poll numbers a few decades ago. “Donald Trump was remarkably unpopular” or “The unprecedented unpopularity” are two examples of the consistent features of liberalism. This belief is that politics should be guided by two sets of rules.

I don’t trust national polls. This discredits the notion that Democratic Party agenda items have more popularity than Republicans.

Republicans need to remember that the approval rating for job openings is not a measure of how satisfied people are with their jobs.

This seems to be the most important lesson for Democrats such as Joe Scarborough. They claim that Biden has been a victim to all of these unfair and unanticipated events, yet he still leads Trump.

It’s amusing to see partisans exaggerate their 44-41 lead in a national survey for their candidate against someone like Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis reminds voters how gas prices were before COVID.

The left believes that winning a national electoral election is something. This is not good news for Democrats.

It is unclear how Biden can make it better.

All of that said, the New York Times/Siena College survey shows that Biden’s most significant concern isn’t ideological. His age is the most significant concern. It’s his age.