Former Kansas Republican AG Derek Schmidt Throws Hat in the Ring for Congress


Former Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has announced that he will run for the House of Representatives Seat being vacated by Jake LaTurner (R-KS).

Schmidt announced his candidacy just one week after LaTurner announced he would retire from Congress. After narrowly losing his bid for governor in 2022 to Gov. Laura Kelly (D).

Schmidt announced that he was running for office. “I am excited to announce my candidacy,” Schmidt said in the announcement. “I am convinced that America needs to hear more conservative voices who are effective in the public service.”

Kansas’ 2nd district includes parts of Kansas City as well as rural eastern Kansas. It is a conservative safe seat in the general election.

AG Schmidt announced the news on X/Twitter.

Schmidt served as Kansas Senate Majority leader from 2004 until 2010, before running for Congress. Schmidt served as Kansas Attorney General from 2010 to 2022, a position he also held in Kansas.

Schmidt’s district is considered a conservative safe seat that will not affect the fragile balance of power within the U.S. House of Representatives.

Schmidt’s campaign is based on his opposition to President Biden and his support for the former President Trump.

In a statement he added a jab at President Biden, saying that those of us who represent Kansas’ conservative values must stand up and fight. “In Congress, I will work to secure the border, fight the overreach of the federal government, which doesn’t understand the way of our life, and stop it from making everyday life more expensive and difficult.”

In his announcement, he also confirmed that he supports former President Trump for 2024.

Schmidt wrote: “These four years have shown that America was stronger while President Trump served as the White House.” “I look forward to working together with him and others next year — to make America great once again,” Schmidt wrote.

The razor-thin Republican margin in the House of Representatives is still in play, even though the outcome of this election will not determine the balance of that chamber, as an outgoing Republican would almost certainly be replaced with another Republican. For former President Trump to achieve any of his major agenda items, a Republican House will be required. This majority is far from certain as of the time this article was written.

Schmidt, while attorney general, argued before the Supreme Court three cases, including Kansas V. Garcia. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled in Kansas’ favor in the enforcement of its state law prohibiting identity theft or fraud to obtain employment.

You can view the campaign website of Derek Schmidt here.