Former NY Police Chief Schools AOC Over Sexist Comments Made After Uvalde Shootings


Emotions are bound to run high after mass shootings. This is especially true when victims are children who lost their lives before they could make it in this world. They leave behind angry parents and other loved ones.

These tragedies are made more difficult for the communities they directly affect by the inevitable conclusions politicians (mostly on the left) jump to and the disgusting assertions they make in their immediate aftermath, before waiting for all facts. The horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde Texas on Tuesday that claimed 19 lives and injured two teachers is not an exception to this rule.

We have previously reported that the accusations have flowed fast from the usual corners. Pro-Second Amendment Republicans such as Ted Cruz in Texas were subject to “baby-killer” slurs by Democratic politicos, while others, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D.N.Y.), have made quick statements about how mass shootings like Tuesday’s, have “patriarchal roots” and involve men who like subjugate women.

We don’t know the motivations or mindset of the shooter in this case because it is still being investigated. However, having all the facts has not stopped some people from “never letting a crisis go to waste.” This mindset is what disgusted La’ron Singletary (NY 25th Congressional District candidate) who criticized AOC during a Fox News appearance. She noted that her comments and those of other leftists were not appropriate at this time.

“I watched the video over and over again and I don’t think AOC understood what she was trying to say”. The investigation is incomplete because I have worked in law enforcement for 20 years. She is now making accusations and making characterizations, and linking them to a particular class of society. This is the rhetoric of politicians like AOC which continues to divide this nation.

She is actually being discriminatory and sexist in her statements. Politicians have a platform and must use it. But they also have to be careful about how they use it. The motive for this shooting remains under investigation. This means that we still don’t know the reason why this killer chose to enter a school to cause havoc and kill children.

Let’s just call it what is, and we will deal with it when our investigation is over. What does she do instead of having discussions to find viable solutions? She uses social media to create rhetoric that neither brings people together nor offers viable solutions.

Singletary strikes the right tone. After a national tragedy, it is not necessary to use inflammatory rhetoric that is biased and preconceived. This is especially true when the facts aren’t in and families are still trying to come to terms with the events. The same applies to mainstream media who jump to conclusions.

We are still trying to find out the truth in this case. What we do know about the police response is not a very good picture. There are still many questions about the shooter and the families of those who were killed deserve answers. They don’t deserve political grandstanding or opportunistic politicians who are trying to make a name for themselves from this senseless, heartbreaking tragedy.