Freeway Shut Down: Ceasefire Activists Trap Kids in Buses, Spark Fury in Los Angeles


The anti-Israel crowd has done some crazy things, from storming the DNC in Washington to protesting Christmas tree lightings. They keep showing that they can go lower and more annoying.

On Wednesday, they decided to shut down the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles at around 9 am. They were able, somehow, to spread out over the entire freeway and link arms to prevent cars from passing. The backups began to extend into nearby streets and roads.

They also slowed down two school buses for an hour, causing them to be late.

The video shows a huge backup as drivers get out of their vehicles to try to move the activists.

The activists’ patience was quickly waning with the radical leftist drivers.

Warning: Graphic language

They began to be pulled away from the line by drivers. One person was picked up and thrown on the ground. A driver was heard yelling that this wasn’t the right way to go about things.

The California Highway Patrol intervened and told everyone to leave the area or risk arrest. The media was also ordered to leave. Around 10 am, they started arresting people.

Around 10:30, they were able to remove 75 people. It took time to remove vehicles that had stalled.

If the “activists”, however, think that this tactic is effective, they are sadly wrong as the drivers demonstrated. Even those who were on their side were enraged by them. Congratulations, guys! You just turned more people against your cause.