Furious Radical Left Whines Over Stalled Build Back Better Agenda


    The radical left is outraged that President Joe Biden’s Build back Better agenda doesn’t take climate action fast enough.

    Evergreen Action, a far-left group, published a video attacking Sen. Chuck Schumer (D–NY) on Monday. It accused the Senate leader of not doing enough to get Senator Joe Manchin (D–WV) to vote for the huge tax-and-spend bill. Evergreen Action is a global warming advocacy organization that claims it is “leading the fight for bold climate action to the top of America’s agenda.”

    “Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader, stated that the Senate would ‘forcefully and insistently’ address climate, the biggest threat to the country. Jamal Raad, executive director of Evergreen Action, said that despite more than a decade of Democratic control in Washington he has yet to deliver.

    In 2021, the Green New Deal-like initiatives were stopped when Manchin declared his opposition to it due to 40-years of high inflation. Biden and the Democratic-led Congress have since abandoned this massive agenda item. Biden didn’t even mention it during the State of the Union address.

    Many radical House Democrats won’t let the failed agenda of Biden die, regardless of his silence regarding his capstone plan. Biden received a Monday letter from 89 Democrats, six of whom were chairmen of committees, asking for the revival of Build Back Better’s “climate action”.

    The letter states that “the more than $555 billion climate investments made in the House-passed Build back Better Act could serve as the building block for restarting negotiations.”

    The letter identifies a division within the Democratic party. Biden’s Build back Better agenda was once considered a midterm strategy. However, it is no longer relevant for winning elections, as midterm chief Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-NY, admitted last week.

    Maloney was a champion of the agenda to defeat Republicans in Nov. Maloney spoke out about the legislation, saying that the legislation had the potential to have a significant impact on the daily lives and family budgets of those who support it.

    Maloney’s decision to change his mind may be related to Manchin’s opposition to the legislation. The Department of Labor released data on Thursday showing that the consumer price index (CPI), rose 7.9 percent over a year. Prices increased by 0.8 percent in March compared to the previous month.

    February was the ninth consecutive month with inflation above 5 percent.

    Inflation continues to rise, so do energy prices. Last week, gas prices reached a record five-day high. This demonstrates that America shouldn’t rely on foreign oil. Instead of encouraging American energy companies to produce additional energy, Democrats are quick to use high gas prices and inflation to promote their Green New Deal-like policies.

    Last week, Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, promoted electric cars as a way to reduce dependence on foreign energy and high gasoline prices.

    Buttigieg stated that “clean transportation can also bring about significant cost savings for Americans.” The gas savings that EVs offer can be a boon to all communities, from urban to rural.

    It is not clear how American workers will be able to afford high-end battery-powered cars, while also struggling with inflation. According to the White House, inflation will persist through 2022, possibly even beyond the midterms.

    Manchin’s willingness and ability to spend large amounts of taxpayer money until inflation subsists seems unlikely. This will stall the radical left’s “climate change” hopes.