Gascon’s Policies Putting Employees in Danger, Even Liberals Say They’ve Had Enough


George Gascon keeps losing support in Los Angeles as crime rages out of control, and even his employees are now being terrorized by the raging crime.

According to a recent report, former supporters of Gascon have turned on the prosecutor of the far left, hired their own security, and spoken out about the situation.

Democrats who voted in favor of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon have said that they want him out because his progressive policies created a zombie town where “smash-and-grab” robberies are on the rise.

Former Gascon supporters have told The Post that scenes like Saturday’s mob of 50 thieves who stole $100k in goods from the Nordstrom department at Topanga Mall are becoming more frequent because thieves don’t fear consequences.

“I consider myself a liberal bleeding heart, anti-gun. I voted for Gascon as I believed he would be sensible and implement reforms the way he had promised,” said a former supporter. She wanted to remain anonymous due to her involvement in Democrat Party politics.

Gascon has made smash-and-grab thefts a common occurrence. He’s also refused to prosecute or prosecuted harshly those who commit them. Businesses, large and small, have been left reeling. Some were forced to shut down.

“We’re f—ing terrified. These crimes started out low-level, but they have gradually escalated.” They know that these criminals will not be prosecuted. “It’s out of control.”

But it’s not only stolen goods that cause problems. Los Angeles has also been plagued with violent crime. One of Gascon’s employees was attacked by a homeless person on the street. Gascon’s Office instituted a transportation program that employed DA investigators to drive, further stretching resources.

Gascon’s sources told The Post that even his staff feels unsafe after a female worker was assaulted by a homeless person earlier this year while she was walking from her office to the Downtown LA Union Station commuter train after work.

Gascon’s refusal of charging misdemeanors, and his failure to focus on the homeless drug addicts, have exacerbated the problem. Prop 47 has also made it worse, by legalizing shoplifting for all practical purposes. The theft of goods below a certain amount is not prosecuted, but rather a ticket is issued. This encourages criminal behavior. Gascon also has a history of not seeking enhanced sentences for gun charges. With California’s cash bail system, violent criminals are put back on the street.

While it’s obvious how terrible things are under Gascon, there’s no assumption of accountability. Gascon has already survived one recall effort, but until Californians actually vote according to their complaints, there will be no change.