Gavin Newsom Signs More Gun Control, Refers To AR-15 As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction


California Governor Friday’s legislation, signed by Gavin Newsom(D), will restrict the use of advertising and marketing techniques to promote AR-15 rifles.

You can find the legislation he signed in AB2571.

According to The Associated Press, Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (a California Assembly Member) introduced AB 2571 on February 18, 2022 in order “to limit the type of firearms advertising and marketing that can target kids.” ”

Newsom uploaded a video that commented on gun control legislation. Newsom also called the AR-15 a weapon for mass destruction.

Newsom also signed AB 1621, which was a bill to regulate guns. It is also known as “ghost guns “.

AB 1621 changes the definition of “firearm part” to “[redefining] a firearm piece is any forging or printing that can be assembled to be used as a receiver or frame for a functional firearm, or that is marketed to consumers to be used/receive a functional weapon frame/receiver once it has been constructed, converted, or finished. ”

AB1621 criminalizes selling non-serialized pre-assembled parts for firearms.