Georgia Homeowner Retrieves Property After Police Remove Squatters During Wife’s Illness


Report Paul Callins, a property owner, expressed his relief over the new development.

Gutfeld residents reject squatters

The hosts of “The 5” weigh in on Georgia Republicans’ proposal to make squatting a crime.

According to reports, a Georgia man was away with his wife at the time that the rental property had been taken over by suspected squatters. He is relieved that the local police responded to the calls on Monday for the suspects to be removed.

Paul Callins spoke to Atlanta WSB-TV last week after three people moved into the house that was vacant and changed the locks.

Callins reported that one of the squatters had a fake lease displayed on her phone but no other document.

Tom Regan, a reporter for WSB-TV has followed the case. He said: “I’m frustrated, but glad I was able to resolve it.” In one case, Regan stood outside the door and went inside to confront the suspects.

In a segment that aired on the channel this week, he asked the squatters several questions. But they refused.

Regan talked to a man, who refused to give his name but said that he had been scammed by a phony leasing agent.

Aerial photo of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. Squatting is a problem that continues to plague the metro area. State legislators are working hard to put an end to the situation.

Collins doesn’t believe that the squatters, who took over the house, were scammed. He believes that they made a fake agreement after viewing the advertisement he placed on the internet.

The local news reported that the daughter of an unidentified squatter, aged four, was in the house. Callins regretted the involvement of the child but expressed relief at having the incident behind him.

According to an older article by the outlet, Callins had inherited the land after his father passed away from cancer three years earlier.

Flash Shelton video There is a blurred border between tenants’ and squatters’ rights.

Before he placed an online advertisement, he spent thousands of dollars on renovating the house.

Squatters have taken over many homes in the Atlanta area. The property owners are in a difficult situation, as they have few options to resolve the issue under the current law.

Georgia legislators have proposed HB1017 – The Georgia Squatter Reform Act – which would make squatting a crime.

The bill that was unanimously passed by the Georgia House of Representatives last week will be sent to the state Senate for review before it can reach Republican Governor Brian Kemp.