Georgia Parents Sue To Eliminate School Mask Mandate


Fulton County parents are appealing against Fulton County’s school board. They want to ban mask mandates from becoming public policy.

Exclusively speaking with Breitbart News, Christy McCranie (primary plaintiff) and Philip Holloway (advisor on the case), said they plan to appeal the Hon. Eric K. Dunaway, the county’s superior judge. McCranie stated that the plaintiff’s team is raising funds to prepare for the appeal.

Holloway told Breitbart News that the Fulton County school system denied these plaintiff children education in violation of the state constitution. Holloway continued, explaining to Breitbart News that they failed to consider any known harms to children who wear masks all day long in class.

Holloway, an attorney, stated that Georgia has a constitutional right to free public education. Holloway said, “If the school system is forcing you to sit in a classroom wearing a mask which causes you all these injuries — pick any harm you want from any affidavits — and you are unable to receive the education because of these harms, then the district will deny you your state constitutional rights.”

Holloway stated to Breitbart News, “We were ready to lose.” We kind of entered this thinking that it would end up at the court of appeals, or possibly, honestly, at the state supreme court. Because whichever side lost, the other was going to appeal.

McCranie has two children currently in Fulton County schools. She explained that she is suing for the psychological, physical, and social harm done to her and the children of other plaintiffs. These effects can, as the doctors in the case attest, have a lasting impact.

McCranie stated that “Masks make it harder to meet friends.” McCranie explained that she would have homeschooled her kids as she did during the height of the pandemic but chose not to do so as she felt public schools might offer better social benefits. Breitbart News reported that her children were asking questions such as “What is this kid?” What is he saying? Is that sarcasm? Is that sarcasm or? I’m not sure. ”

McCranie also stated to Breitbart News, that McCranie’s children can see that adults have become “inconsistent” and “illogical,” which is in turn “shaking their foundation.”

McCranie stated that she would fight any vaccine mandate if it were to be put in place. It is absurd to have children that young get vaccinated against a disease that scientists have proven is not harmful.

Breitbart News was informed by Looney’s office that the district encouraged its community to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but did not require it for students or employees. The decision about students is still with the parent.

Looney made the school district mask-optional once again. Holloway explained to Breitbart News, however, that they will continue with an appeal because “It’s something legal wrong that was perpetrated by the school that is susceptible of repetition.”

Holloway stated that he is optimistic about their prospects and said that their appeal aims to ban the return of mask mandates in the future.

He explained that he had evidence and good witnesses. “The law is on my side, I believe. We believe that strongly.” They did not call any witnesses and presented no evidence whatsoever. Their only affidavit was from the head school nurse. It was all hearsay and was just a copy-and-paste of CDC guidelines. They provided no evidence to refute our claims that masks can cause harm to children. The undisputed evidence is that masks can be harmful and that they are doing so anyway.