Gilgo Prosecutor Criticizes NY Gov Hochul’s Crime Policy as ‘Laughably Inadequate’ After Release of Body Parts Suspects


Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney claims New York’s outdated bail laws allow dismemberment suspects to escape jail.

Gilgo Beach prosecutor Gilgo Beach says NY bail laws don’t take ‘dangerousness’ into account.

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney criticized New York’s bail reforms, which allowed four suspects accused of dismembering corpses and dumping them on Long Island to go free.

Raymond Tierney, a Suffolk County, New York resident, has attacked Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Kathy Hochul’s “laughably insufficient” crime platform is being criticized after four suspects accused of dismembering and disposing of two bodies publicly were released under state laws.

“Governor Hochul is either completely clueless or being deceitful about how the criminal justice system works,” Tierney said in a fiery statement Thursday morning.

Tierney was personally responsible for prosecuting and convicting the Gilgo Beach suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann. She said that under the bail laws passed by New York in 2019, while Hochul served as lieutenant governor at the time, charges of chopping or disposing of dead bodies do not qualify for bond.

He told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that the four defendants would not have been released if the prosecution had claimed dangerousness.

Suffolk County Police K-9 Units searched Southards Pond Park in Babylon, New York on Friday, where human remains were discovered.

According to the Justice Department dangerousness is defined by an intractable, unpredictable tendency that can cause irreversible damage or destruction or induce other people to do so.

He said that “dangerousness”, as a prosecutor is what he looks at when trying to place a suspect in custody or bail. The charges were not up to New York’s standards and the prosecutor was not able to bring the “dangerousness issue” before the court.

Tierney stated, “We can make changes to our system, but until we let the prosecutors and judges use their judgment and argue over what’s most important, danger, then you will continue to see absurd results, like yesterday.

Four suspects were released on Wednesday under supervised release. They are Alexis Nieves (33), Amanda Wallace (40), Jeffrey Mackey (38), and Steven Brown (44)

Tierney said that the Suffolk County Police Homicide detectives were the best in America and worked round the clock to solve the crime. Tierney said that it was absurd and unjustifiable that the Governor criticized the detectives before knowing the full facts and defended an ineffective bail process.

The Governor’s platform for public safety is laughably inadequate and she shouldn’t comment on ongoing investigations.”

Raymond Tierney, the district attorney of Suffolk County in New York

Hochul was interviewed by “Good Day New York”, earlier on Thursday, about her anticrime initiatives. The initiative entails sending state troopers to New York City to assist the NYPD.

Tierney replied by saying that the National Guard was another example of how bail reform failed New Yorkers, tourists, and other citizens.

Raymond Tierney speaks with the media at a press event held on January 16, 2019, at the Suffolk County Courthouse, Riverhead, New York.

She made fun of Tierney, the Suffolk County Police, and her interviewer.

According to the governor, it’s possible that the DA conducted a thorough investigation and filed charges for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

He said that charges could only be made based on the evidence. After a child found a severed hand in Babylon, four suspects were arrested for tampering with evidence, hindering prosecution, and concealing human remains. The police discovered numerous body parts of two victims.

Kathy Hochul in Albany’s Capitol, January 16, 2019.

There was enough evidence for the police to support the charges.

Did the man ask the police not to arrest them even though the two bodies had been dismembered and disposed of? He asked.

Separately the Governor blamed New York City Judges on recidivist crimes and questioned if they understood state laws.

Tierney said that the Governor’s public safety platform was laughably inadequate, and she should not comment on ongoing investigations. The Governor would be more helpful if she only spoke about topics she is familiar with.

Tierney has urged legislators to fix the bail system of the state by using “common-sense” solutions in the past.