Google Drops Employee Vaccine Mandate


    Google, the tech giant, is said to be dropping many of its restrictions related to coronavirus, including its mandated vaccine for U.S. workers.

    Google is eliminating many of its coronavirus restrictions, including social distancing, masks and testing requirements.

    David Radcliffe, Google Real Estate and Workplace Services Vice President, informed San Francisco Bay Area employees this week that many of the restrictions were being lifted. Radcliffe also noted that many of the company’s perks, including massages and access into informal areas within the office, would be returning.

    Radcliffe said that the company would lift the testing requirements it had imposed on its Bay Area employees in January. In which employees were routinely tested for coronavirus, Radcliffe explained. Radcliffe also stated that the company would be dropping social distancing and masks for vaccinated employees.

    According to a Google spokesperson, one of the most significant changes was that the company has reversed its policy of requiring all U.S-based employees to get vaccinated. According to a report in December, Google told employees they had to comply with vaccination policies or risk losing their pay and possibly being fired.

    CNBC was informed by a spokesperson for Google that Google had dropped the requirement to be employed last month and lifted the January 18 deadline it had given employees for getting vaccinated.

    The spokesperson said that they are continuing to implement their vaccination policy, which requires COVID-19 vaccines or approved accommodations for anyone accessing our sites. This is because it’s one the most important ways we can keep ourselves safe and maintain our services.

    Radcliffe notes that employees not vaccinated who are allowed to enter offices must still follow additional protocols such as testing and mask wearing guidelines.