GOP Fails To Highlight Economic Damage Amid Border Chaos, Missing Opportunity To Win Swing Voters


The Republican National Committee is focused on the deaths, drug trafficking and chaos at President Joe Biden’s border in June 2013. However, it fails to address the massive economic and civic damage that progressive immigration policy by the federal government has caused Americans.

The GOP has been resisting the need to address the problem of the pocketbook. House Republican Conference will learn about these plans in this month’s meeting.

The House Democrats’ 2018 win could have mirrored this strategy: A series of messaging bills with little chance of becoming laws, but that clearly show the party’s priorities.

In June 18, the RNC held a press conference that mentioned a poll which showed that Congress still lacks majority trust in immigration.

Only 41% support the congressional GOP. 32% stated they didn’t know or had no opinion.

Similar results were seen for the congressional GOP. 31% of Hispanics thought it was trustworthy, 18% of blacks doubted it, and 47% of Midwesterners disbelieved it. Whites voted for the congressional GOP as 57% of Christians and 46% among suburbanites agreed.

Fabrizio Ward & Impact surveyed 1,200 potential voters in 56 areas. Only 46 percent and 47 per cent of younger voters thought a GOP Congress was more effective than a Democratic Congress on immigration.

This poll showed that 38 percent of undecided voters are most concerned about economic issues. Only five percent were worried about “immigration” and two percent were worried about “crime.”

These numbers may be slightly higher than December 2021.

Although swing voters tend to be less concerned about immigration, the GOP’s base votes gave it high priority, despite not having any knowledge. However, the GOP refuses to offer any oversight or plan for reform.

The GOP’s donors, who make a profit from the inflows of workers, consumers and renters, have reduced the GOP debate about the damage done far away from the border by Biden’s deputies.

According to the 2020 Border Security for America Act, the federal government must protect the nation’s international border through the renewal and investment in advanced technology and construction contracts.

The GOP is under pressure to reduce Biden’s probusiness-oriented migration policy.

D.C. adopted tens of thousands of undocumented and legal migrants from different countries to work, manage, and rent for various U.S. CEOs and investors.

The federal economic policy of extractive immigration has destabilized America’s free market, increasing labor supply at the expense for employers.

Americans cannot get married, move up in their career, have children, or purchase homes due to inflationary policies.

The loss of worker rights at the workplace is due to Migration.

The practice of extractive migration allows America’s elite to ignore the lower classes.

Many migrants are killed by the progressives’ colonialism-like economy strategy. Human resources are taken from the poorest countries in order to support wealthy U.S. investors.