Gov. Newsom Calls On Mayors To Step Up After String Of Robberies Hit The Golden State


    Gov. Gavin Newsom called for California mayors “to step up” to end mob lootings, organized robberies that plagued the state over the weekend. Newsom stated that he was not California’s mayor but that he was a former mayor and knows what it takes to make things right. “That’s no indictment. This is not a cheap shot.

    Back-to-back mob lootings targeted San Francisco retailers such as Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton and medical pharmacies. A Nordstrom store was also ransacked by 80 looters 25 miles from San Francisco. They were able to steal close to $200,000 worth of merchandise. Four people were involved in a robbery and took $40,000 from Lululemon, 50 miles north of San Francisco.

    Chesa Boudin is the San Francisco District Attorney and faces recall elections next year. She stated that “if you visit San Francisco and commit crimes, there will definitely be consequences.”

    Boudin said they stand in partnership with our local, regional, and state partners as we work together for whatever it takes to keep your safety.

    This series of robberies also affected Southern California. At least 18 people broke into Nordstrom stores in Los Angeles and stole thousands of dollars of merchandise. Newsome stated:

    To support cities and prosecute people, we will be even more aggressive in this area. These people must be held accountable. These crimes must be investigated. These crime networks must be broken. These people must be taught.

    PlumpJack Wine & Spirits, a San Francisco-based company owned by Newsom, has been broken into at least four times since March 2020. The most recent attempt occurred in July.

    Newsom stated that California Highway Patrol’s presence will be increased in top shopping areas during the holiday season. California legislators created a CHP task force to assist high-crime areas in 2018 but it was repealed at the start of 2021. California Republicans blamed Newsom’s Democrat policies and Newsom for the rise in robberies.

    The party stated that Gavin Newsom, California Democrats have made our state more dangerous to live, work, and raise a family. The party released a statement saying that their failed policies had very real consequences for Californians who are hard working.