Graphic Bodycam Footage Captures Moment Wounded Bristol Officer Blasted Suspected Cop Killer


On October 12, police officers responding to a call about false domestic violence in Bristol, Connecticut were attacked by hailstorms of bullets. On October 12, police officers responding to a false domestic violence call in Bristol, Connecticut were confronted by a hailstorm of bullets.

The state inspector general released Officer Alec Iurato’s bodycam footage on Saturday.

Sergeant Dustin DeMonte (35), and Officer Alex Hamzy (34) were both equipped with bodycams. “This footage will not be published at the moment because it would “constitute an unwarranted invasion of their privacy.”

According to the inspector general’s report, DeMonte & Hamzy responded at 310 Redstone Hill Road. Nicholas Brutcher (35) was a suspect cop killer who allegedly called 911 to call for their arrival.

WNBC reported on Brutcher being summoned by the police after he was thrown from an institution for disorderly conduct sometime prior to the incident.

Police from Bristol arrived on the scene and went to the front of the house. Nathan was told to get out and put his hands up.

Brutcher reportedly shot more than 80 shots at police during the ensuing gunfight.

The inspector General’s Office shared the bodycam footage that showed Iurato from Iurato’s point of view.

Iurato announced, via radio, shots had been fired. All are invited to send messages.

Iurato stated that he was struggling to maintain his balance after the leg injury.

This video includes a recording of a woman crying, punctuated by additional gunshots.

The injured officer limped in front of the house, covering behind a Bristol Police Department Cruiser.

Iurato walked beside and behind one vehicle. He leaned against a second cruiser’s door and listened to the screams and shooting.

In agony, a female voice cries out, “He’s dead!” At 1:45, a distant male voice responds with what might have been taunting.

Iurato saw Brutcher, and he took aim.

The officer, who was wounded, illuminated the body of the suspect using his flashlight and broadcast a radio update: “One down.” ” Suspect down. ”

The officer-involved shooting is being investigated by multiple agencies, including the Connecticut State Police Central District Major Crime Squad and the New Britain Judicial District attorney’s Office. The inspector general issued a statement saying that it was evident that Officer Iurato used lethal force based on all evidence. ”

Ken Przygocki was a witness to Channel 3. He stated that he heard “12-15 bangs”, looked around for a while, then heard another rapid-fire shot, and finally heard one shot.

Przygocki expressed concern about the final sacrifice of the officers involved in the incident. They know you are well and that you are safe.

William Tong (Connecticut Attorney General) tweeted that “Today was tragic for our state, the Bristol community, as well as the families Sgt. Demonte and Officer Hamzy died responding to the most dangerous and volatile of emergency calls.”

Brian Gould, Chief of the Bristol Police, stated that DeMonte & Hamzy had been “incredible, extraordinary men” at last week’s vigil…. Their lives were taken without justification, and another person was severely hurt. ”

DeMonte was sadly left behind by his wife and two children According to reports, Hamzy had intended to celebrate his first anniversary as a married man on October 14.

Officer Iurato was discharged from St. Francis Hospital on Thursday after he was able to recover. The officers of the law gave him a round-of-applauds outside.