Grassroots Education Orgs Pick Up Key School Board Wins In Battleground States


Two grassroots organizations advocating parental rights in education won victories in key battleground states with several of their endorsed school board candidates.

Moms for Liberty is a group of parents working towards transparency in education. The 1776 Project PAC is a political group that supports school board members against Critical Race Theory. On Tuesday, several endorsed candidates won their school board races in Wisconsin and Illinois. This marks the start of conservative school board candidate wins in 2023.

Girdusky reported that the DCNF had received information from the DCNF about the fact that 30 Project PAC-endorsed candidates for school board seats in Illinois and Wisconsin. Approximately 133 candidates were endorsed in these races.

Among other things, in Illinois, two 1776 Project PAC candidates in Minooka School District claimed seats on the school board. Michael Houston and Michael Knoll won the elections in Yorkville Community Schools District.

Moms for Liberty has endorsed candidates in Wisconsin. Fourteen candidates have been elected to four school boards. Eight of them were successful. The DCNF was informed.

Tina Descovich, Tiffany Justice and co-founders Moms for Liberty released a statement to DCNF stating that they were delighted that eight of the candidates our chapters endorsed won in Wisconsin. The majority of these candidates were first-timers. This provides us with a large pool of people to train, and to be ready to run again in the future for parental rights.

Moms For Liberty was able to endorse more than 500 school board candidates between 2022-2023. According to the DCNF, 275 candidates won elections and 72% were first-time winners.

Jacqueline Rosario, a member of the “Moms for Liberty”, was campaigned for in Vero beach on October 16, 2022 by members. The group is supportive Rosario’s bid to reelect a school board. Although it claims to support “rights and privileges for parents”, critics claim that it opposes LGBT rights. They are now a powder keg, with the politicization of teaching racism or gender in schools.

Schools across the country are involved in a culture war over lessons that emphasize gender identity (CRT), and Critical Race Theory. California’s school board voted against CRT when it was flipped to a more conservative majority. Six South Carolina school boards members were endorsed and supported by Moms for Liberty. They established a process for removing sexually explicit magazines and books from schools.

Girdusky explained that 1776 Project PAC does not require school board candidates make a list or instruct students how to vote. The organization hopes to see new members develop policies that give parents rights in the classroom.