Grotesque Trans Shop Teacher Is the Most Misogynistic Thing I’ve Ever Seen


As a woman, I am often in an emotional state of constant anger and offense at the many emotionally incontinent men who choose LARP as women. They must grow their hair and get falsies to pretend that they understand how it feels to live in a woman’s body. It is impossible to replicate the pain and humiliation of female puberty, as well as the discomfort caused by a male gaze that is lascivious, the inconveniences of various biological processes, and the joys of pregnancy. These men dare to assume that they understand and are female.

Women are furious at the inexcusable institutionalization of the transgender craze. It is unacceptable for girls to be forced to view adult male junk in their bathrooms and locker rooms. Athletes should not be denied the chance to win. Actresses and models should not be overlooked so that novelty humans can play their part. The last straw is the Canadian shop teacher, a grotesque and vile example of Canadian retail. If you’re unfamiliar with this mutant, the Libs of TikTok video will show you how to spot him.

Have you had a good look? This is how a woman looks: A huge, comical, sexualized, and hyper-sexualized set of boobs. Their already ridiculous size is exaggerated by a tight shirt. In a state that is arousal. These photos show the perky points:

Being a woman who has experienced awkward adolescence, maturity, and being a woman in real life, I can assure you that your bright beams in your workplace are as welcome as a boy in his pup tent when he writes on the board. The teacher chose to use aroused prosthetic boobs in his shop class. It’s about as appropriate as having a teacher stuff a pair of spandex pants with cucumbers before speaking in front of a room full of teenage girls. It’s hard to see any other conclusion than that he fantasizes about turning on his minor male students. If I had a kid in that lunatic’s misogynistic clown show of a class, that school would be hit with sexual harassment and corruption-of-a-minor lawsuits faster than you can pop a balloon.

Real women have been shocked at the gross parodies of them that the drag queen craze has pushed in their (and our) faces for years.

Trust me, any woman with a cursed chest would have hers surgically reduced. Insurance generally covers gigantomastia, which is a medical condition that can cause many types of harm. This is not a joke. How would someone who views women only as secondary sexual characteristics be able to understand this?

Do you remember the anti-dress-up campaign that called for insensitive costumes for Halloween to spoof ethnicities and cultures?

Although we hate killjoys, there were some instances when these students had a point. It’s also not acceptable to wear blackface anymore. Why? It’s a parody dehumanizing the immutable physical characteristics of human beings.

It’s OK to make women look like they have a bunch of huge boobs.

(Disclaimer – The IT Crowd is a hilarious show and this clip is from their most funny episode. I don’t want anyone to think that I am some glum third-wave feminist without a sense of humor just because I write this column.

Real women don’t like being reduced to dress-up options on the Left’s ludicrous spectrum of identities. It’s racist, it’s sexist, it’s offensive, and it has to stop.