Guard Opens Fire After Man Busts Through Vatican Security In A Car


According to Vatican News, a man was arrested by Vatican security on Thursday after driving his car through the security checkpoint at “high speed”.

According to Vatican News, the individual whose identity was not released tried to pass through security, but was refused. He then faced a backlog before forcing through a first checkpoint. The individual managed to get through two security checkpoints, with the Swiss Guards and Gendarmerie Corps. Before one guard opened up fire.

According to Vatican News, a Vatican spokesperson said that “in an attempt to stop this car,” the Gendarmerie inspector on duty at the gate fired a bullet in the direction the tires of the car.

Vatican News reports that after the bullet failed to stop the car, the Vatican closed down the Vatican Gardens, as well as the Santa Marta Square where Pope Francis lives. The man was stopped by the Gendarmerie Corps after the car made it to St. Damasus Courtyard. He got out of the vehicle voluntarily.

After being assessed by doctors of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of Vatican City State he was found to be in “a severe state of psychophysical change.”

The Vatican’s security is holding the man in the Gendarmerie barracks until he can be arraigned by the Vatican’s judicial authority.

The Vatican’s response to Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment was not immediate.