Guess What Jake Tapper Says About RFK, Jr Running for President?


Liberal media seem to be unable to stand for any person who is not in line with their narrative.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is clearly not in line with the narrative they are pushing, seems to be starting one of these fits. We reported that he had just filed paperwork indicating that he would run for the Democratic nomination.

Although RFK Jr. is a Kennedy, he has angered some on the mainstream left for his views against vaccines, particularly the COVID vaccine. He also attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci (ex-director of NIAID), who they consider a God, and even wrote a book about him.

We reported that the Associated Press said this about him.

His opposition to the COVID-19 vaccination has often brought him into contact with anti-democratic figures. Kennedy has been seen at events promoting the lie that the 2020’s presidential election was stolen, and with people who cheered on or downplayed insurrection at U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Oh my, “anti-democratic”. I think it’s anti-democratic for the government tries to restrict people’s freedom of speech. The Twitter Files showed that Kennedy was flagged to the Twitter police by the government.

He even commented on the bombshell news from an insider regarding alleged CIA involvement with the death of his uncle, as I reported. RFK, Jr’s response? Kennedy declared, “The most courageous newscast of the past 60 years.” Kennedy said that the CIA’s execution of my uncle was a coup d’etat, from which democracy has never recovered.

They are so afraid of RFK Jr. that he might separate some people from their established candidate. They sound very concerned. CNN’s Jake Tapper is a great example of someone who is afraid.

He calls it a “Healthcare threat?” I doubt he agrees with me on many things. Seriously, CNN’s inability to talk about someone else is beyond me. They’ve presented so much on many topics, including COVID. They and their media cronies need to look in the mirror if they want to discuss “menace”.

However, I don’t think the anger is about vaccines. I think this is about liberal media/Democrats (excuse me for being redundant) thinking that he might have a more viable candidate than Marianne Williamson, who could truly draw people away from Biden or whoever they ultimately throw up there who will parrot the narrative. He could get a lot of the anti-Pharma and anti-establishment left, and perhaps even more. But he also would call out some of their sacred cows during a primary and a debate with Biden (if dared to have one and they were able to pull him out of the basement) might just do Joe in. That’s what they fear.

This would explain Tapper’s vitriol. This has been the case with Trump in particular. Even with Mitt Romney, a milquetoast, in 2012, the media attempted to demonize him while he ran, even suggesting that they were endangering dogs. Anybody who isn’t there must be slaughtered and thrown under a bus. This is not party sensitive, as it shows.

This shows how vile they can be and the extent to which they will go. It is clear for all to see. They do. They always backfire and make the victim more powerful and attract more interest.