Guess where President Trump’s approval rating stands after trial


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President Trump’s poll numbers are up, with the number of Americans who strongly approve of his job performance eclipsing those who strongly disapprove.

The tides turned this week, on one particular day that’s now etched in the nation’s history.

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that on Thursday – as the the House moved articles of impeachment to the Senate – Trump’s Presidential Approval Index popped into positive territory for the first time since April.

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Trump’s “+1” rating reflected the 40 percent of voters who strongly approved of his performance versus the 39 percent who strongly disapproved. Overall, 51 percent polled approved compared to 47 percent who disapproved.
Rasmussen Reports is the only nationally recognized daily presidential tracking poll, and the day to day results fluctuate significantly. On Friday, Trump’s index rating dipped back to -2.

But the longer term trends are also seemingly in Trump’s favor, and the numbers suggest he’s gaining support as Democrats attempt to force him from office.

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