Gun-Toting Thug in Philly Simply Reaches Into McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window and Rips Out Cash Register


The moment a gun-toting, mask-wearing man entered a drive-thru window of a Philadelphia McDonald’s in order to steal the cash register was captured on surveillance video.

Philadelphia police released a YouTube video stating that an employee of the fast-food restaurant located in the 4100 blocks of Whitaker Ave. was working at the drive-thru at 3:25 AM on Nov. 4. The victim had just ordered food when a red SUV arrived at the window with four people.

Police said the suspect who was seated behind the driver reached toward the witness while pointing a handgun stating, “Give me the money.”

The armed suspect appeared to be standing outside the window in the video with the SUV positioned a foot or two behind the gunman.

When the employee backed away, police said the suspect reached into the window and took the cash register, which contained an undetermined amount of money.

Police say that the SUV was driven from the scene in an unknown direction.

Fox News reported there were no injuries sustained and no arrests made.

If you spot the suspect, police advise that you don’t approach them. You should call 911 immediately if you spot the suspect. All tips remain confidential.

The question is “Are Philly’s crooks becoming even more brazen?” It isn’t always easy to know the answer.

One apartment was shared by eleven college students from Philadelphia. The students claimed that armed robbers broke into their homes and took them hostage. They then locked them in a basement Friday morning.

Last month, a video captured a group of dirtbike and ATV riders at a Philadelphia station. The police said the riders were throwing bricks at officers, causing a cracked windshield.

A Catholic priest who provides services to homeless people was also carjacked last month in Philadelphia while he was loading his wheelchair into the trunk.

In October, Philadelphia police released surveillance footage that showed four armed carjackers following a victim at a station. The four men jumped from a van with white stripes in front and then climbed up on top of the vehicle before pointing a gun toward its owner. He seemed to be ready for gas pumping.

Police in Philadelphia is currently looking for a suspect in a fatal shooting. The man was initially convicted of murder but was later exonerated by Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District attorney. He also discovered that the defense council had not received any information linking the shooter to another person.

Oh, and the Pennsylvania House Republicans’ vote to impeach Krasner Wednesday was due to a “catastrophic rise in violent crime.”

So, “more brazen” crooks? It’s anybody’s guess.