Gunman Opens Fire at New Hampshire Psychiatric Hospital, Resulting in Multiple Casualties


On Friday, a tragic shooting took place at a psychiatric facility in Concord, New Hampshire. There were multiple victims, but the exact number has not yet been confirmed.

The incident ended with the suspected shooter being killed.

A shooting at a New Hampshire psychiatric hospital Friday ended with the suspect dead, police said.

New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management announced on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the suspect had died at 4:45 p.m.

In an alert sent via social media on Friday afternoon, the state police stated that there were “multiple victims”. No further details were immediately available. New Hampshire Hospital, the state psychiatric facility located in the capital city of the state, is located at the New Hampshire Hospital.

After the shooting, the police confirmed that the situation in the hospital had been “contained” as well as that the shooter’s death. NH Gov. Chris Sununu reiterated these details in a Friday evening statement. He said:

The suspect has died, even though the campus is still in progress. First responders, law enforcement, and the state mobilized immediately. As the situation develops, we will provide as much information as possible.

Initial reports did not specify any other details about the events that led to the shooting or the death of the suspect.

State Police Col. Mark Hall stated that the shooting had been contained to the lobby and the public was not at risk. He stated that the hospital campus is still an active scene of investigation since a suspicious vehicle was located.

Local news outlets reported that hospital employees heard the shots and locked themselves in closets. Metal detectors were installed in the hospital and there was a policeman on duty.

The reports don’t detail how the situation has been contained. This is the latest violent attack on a healthcare facility.

These attacks have made healthcare one of the most violent sectors in America. The data shows that American healthcare workers suffer more non-fatal injuries due to workplace violence than any other profession. This includes law enforcement.

“Healthcare workers don’t think about this when they decide to become a nurse or a physician.” As far as violence is concerned, statistics show that healthcare workers are four to five times more dangerous than any other profession, said Michael D’Angelo. He’s a former Florida police officer and security consultant who focuses his work on workplace violence in Florida.

It is a developing story, and we expect to learn more about the identity of the shooter as well as the victims. As soon as we receive any new information, we will let you know.