Hard-Working Americans Continue to Reject Biden’s Plan to Forgive Student Loans as PA Iron Workers Weigh In


More Americans are protesting President Joe Biden’s plan to “forgive student loan debt.” Pennsylvania iron workers weigh in on the debt “forgiveness.”

Fox News interviewed several workers from Donsco, Inc. about Biden “canceling $10,000 student loans if they earn less than $125,000” and Pell Grant recipients having $20,000 “canceled.”

Jim Davis, a supervisor at Donsco’s plant, told Fox News:

“It won’t affect the people who are here, but the people that actually do all the work.”

said that Biden was “going to help people in larger cities because that’s what he wants.”

Francisco Hernandez, a survivor of colon cancer, was forced to retire due to high inflation for 40 years. He also spoke out about student debt forgiveness.

“A lot of these families are wealthy. They can afford it, so they get a break. Their kids get to stay on the couch with their degrees.”

The sad thing is that the rich won’t pay for it, but we will. All things are a gift but it all goes on the backs of our debt, and taxpayers will have to pay for it.

Biden declared the following when he announced the bailout:

“In exchange for a chance at college, a whole generation is now burdened with unsustainable debt. This is what today’s announcement aims to address. It’s all about the possibility. It’s about giving people the chance to succeed.”

They chose to take out the debt. It is their responsibility to repay it. It’s unfair because those who worked hard, had a family, and paid off their debts would be treated equally. Those who are responsible will have their debt forgiven, while the taxpayers will pay the rest. There are many people who do not want their debt “forgiven” and want to work hard to repay it.

Tony Bell, an employee of Donsco foundry, gave his opinion on the bailout.

It’s a terrible idea. Donsco is always looking for people. These college students can always come to Donsco on their time off to work and repay their debts.

Kevin Wasileski (Bill’s colleague), said:

“If they signed the contract they should pay for it. ’Why should I pay for somebody else’s college? … I don’t think a plumber should be paying for a doctor’s free medical school.”

“I don’t believe a plumber should pay for a doctor’s free medical school.”

I reported previously that the proposal to forgive student loans could be challenged in court. Voters might get motivated in November to hold Biden responsible for his plan to “cancel student debt”. Hardworking Americans will continue to voice their disapproval. It is wrong for any hardworking American or taxpayer to be held responsible for someone else’s debt.

It is a choice to accept student debt. While it is not an option to be diagnosed with cancer or to have to pay a medical debt, no one bails out those who are. This is because it does not benefit Democrats politically.

In November, Americans will be able to make their voices heard.