Has Feminism Weakened Women?


Here’s a Joke

“Every girl is bi. It just matters if it’s polar or sexual.

Dave Weigel (Washington Post reporter) tweeted the joke last Wednesday.

He retweeted it because he thought it was funny.

But, the Left won’t tolerate humor that offends straight white men.

A real brouhaha at the newspaper started when a colleague of Weigel’s, Felicia Sonmez, complained that the tweet was misogynistic. On The Washington Post’s internal website, she wrote that Weigel’s retweet sent “a confusing message about what the Post’s values are.”

Matea Gold, national editor of the newspaper wrote that “I want all of you to be assured that The Post is committed to maintaining a respectful workplace.” “We don’t tolerate demeaning language and actions. ”

Sally Buzbee, the Executive Editor of The Washington Post, stated that “The Washington Post is committed to an inclusive and respectful atmosphere without harassment, discrimination or bias of any sort.”

Breanna Muir (a post-video technician) supported Sonmez in “speaking out against harassment, discrimination… These tweets/RTS harm women in our newsroom, making it very difficult for us all to do our best work. ” “It creates an unhealthy work environment.”

Jose A. Del Real (Post reporter), tweeted that Weigel had retweeted a tweet that was “terrible” as well as “unacceptable”. Weigel quickly responded: “I just removed an offensive tweet retweet. Sonmez and others should not attack him. Del Real was then attacked. Del Real even temporarily disabled his Twitter account. He posted a statement saying that he was subject to an “unrelenting” series of attacks designed to harm his professional reputation. Sonmez was also accused of “repeated targeted harassment of a colleague (Weigel).

CNN reports that other Post employees began to criticize each other over the issue. The Daily Beast, another left-wing website, reported that there was “a multi-front war within WaPo.”

Sonmez was fired by the newspaper after she sued the Washington Post for sexism. (The Post had previously suspended Weigel for one month without pay).

This episode not only reveals the Left’s meanness, hypersensitivity, and insensitivity but also the war against humor directed at white men. It also contains important information about feminism.

Leftism’s Orwellian spirit is apparent in the claim that feminists claim that feminism empowers women.

It’s worth noting, that all the Washington Post actors in this story — Felicia Sánez, Matea Gil, and Kris Coratti — are women. Del Real was a man who called for civility and compassion towards Weigel.

That’s why they were horrified by the joke. Few men — despite the fact that feminist activism has also rendered a great many American men weak — would find a similar joke about men offensive. Most men would find it funny.

For the record, every man I know is married to a strong woman. The notion that men are not attracted to (or are threatened or intimidated by) strong women is a feminist myth. While undoubtedly some men seek weak women, most men find the weakness in women (as in men) unappealing.

Feminist Newspeak is Orwell’s term to describe the totalitarian redefining of language. It defines “strong” as being “easily offended” or “perceiving oneself as a victim.”

Unfortunately, many women, especially young women, accept these definitions.

It is not surprising that depression rates among young American women are the highest ever measured.