Have the Feds Really Been Protecting Joe Biden Instead of Hunter?


Two IRS agents who have impeccable records have now testified under oath, that federal officials did not only slow down the Hunter Biden investigation but also nixed attempts to investigate Joe’s involvement in the family business. Although the legacy media is conveniently apathetic, I find these developments to be newsworthy.

We learned on Wednesday the identity of “Whistleblower X”. Joseph Ziegler is a self-described Democrat, who has worked for the agency since 2010. He told the House Oversight Committee he had handled 95% of the evidence during the Hunter tax investigation. Ziegler said that he felt “handcuffed”, “hamstrung,” and “marginalized,” throughout the five-year probe. He was ultimately prevented from proceeding in the same manner as he would have for any other scofflaw.

Ziegler wrote an 88-page memo outlining the case for felonies, which was in line with IRS guidelines on charging tax evasion. He claims that all investigators and prosecutors on the case were of the opinion that felonies should be filed — which is something anyone could easily find out.

It’s entertaining to discuss the more salacious aspects of the Hunter case. But the real question is why companies in authoritarian countries sent $17 million to the Bidens. Even if the criminal investigation had not been conducted, it would still be fair to ask this question.

But I don’t say that the feds hid evidence of Joe Biden being illegal. In fact, circumstantial proof and common sense show the family business could not function without him. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Justice Department did not want to know if there were any proof. No one wanted to see a repeat of the Hillary illegal servers scandal. Hunter’s sweet deal was made in this way.

Every time we considered asking questions about the president, the response was “That would require too many approvals.” Ziegler said to CBS News that “We can’t answer those questions.” It created a very difficult environment to deal with.

Gary Shapley was the second whistleblower. He also said that investigators would shut down prosecutors when they wanted to speak to Joe’s grandchildren, or anyone else who received payments from foreign companies linked to the “big man”. Shapley testified to the committee that “decisions” were made at every stage that benefited the target of the investigation. This included the Justice Department extending the investigation so that the statute of limitation could expire.

Shapley claims that a U.S. Attorney for D.C., appointed by Joe Biden, was the person who made the final decision on whether Hunter would face felony charges. U.S. Attorney David Weiss testified, under oath to a room full of five senior FBI and IRS officers, that he “was not the deciding person as to whether charges are brought.”

It didn’t matter to the committee Democrats who rarely attempted to discredit the testimony. They mostly prattled about Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s evils, which usually suffices to appease their constituents. Some Democrats made the absurd claim that the son of the president, who was accused of trying to deduct sex clubs, prostitutes, and expensive hotel rooms from drug dealers’ bills, had been the victim of overzealous prosecution.

They sometimes make important points inadvertently.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) talked about the corruption during the Trump years. He brought up Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and other people who were convicted for similar behaviors to Hunter Biden’s. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) Hunter’s actions were excused by pointing out that his brother had died and he was now addicted to crack cocaine. Ziegler pointed out Hunter’s tax fraud, even though he had been supposedly sober and married.

A real journalist who has access to the White House would pressurize it daily for an explanation of what services Joe Biden, his son, brother, and grandchildren — as well as virtually all other members of his family — rendered to foreign entities in Romania China, and Ukraine, which were valued at over $17million. By explaining the situation, the president could put an end to this.

Since I’m not expecting to find out, I can’t say that I expect to. Please stop telling me that no one is above the law.