Heritage Foundation President Warns The CCP Has Infiltrated Nearly Every Nation


Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, told EpochTV that the Chinese Communist Party, which is anti-freedom and commits mass murder, has spread to almost all countries in the world. America must stop the “evil” CCP.

Roberts said in an interview with EpochTV’s Jan Jekielek on April 29, “The CCP has infiltrated almost every country around the world.” The U.S. relies heavily on CCP minerals and pharma products (including rare Earth for electronics) to manufacture electronic devices. Let’s hope on January 20, 2025, that we replace the CCP-friendly President of the United States with a man or woman who understands the time and knows that it’s the right time to confront [the CCP], defeat them and eliminate them.

Heritage Foundation published a report entitled “Winning the New Cold War – A Plan to Counter China”. The report recommends that all CCP lobbying be stopped in the U.S. and calls it “outrageous”, saying “that there would be an American citizen within blocks from where you and I are having this conversation, who would accept $1 from a CCP interest.” The CCP finances American businesses, politicians, and universities. Roberts also mentioned CCP’s investment in the U.S. Military Industry.

Roberts insisted that America must “reinstall in CEOs and corporate board members of American businesses the desire to not invest in CCP-owned interests in China and other places.” Roberts said, “We must be aware of the CCP’s influence on education.” “The Confucius Institutes, which were formerly called Confucius Institutes, have been renamed. We shouldn’t allow the CCP into our major research Universities.”

Roberts stressed the importance of bringing manufacturing and jobs back to America. This is especially true for military manufacturing. “Americans must benefit from any increased military production we engage in to defend Taiwan.” “We will defend Taiwan.”

America has ignored CCP crimes for too long and worked with the People’s Republic of China. Heritage reports that “instead of adapting, multiple Administrations pursued a closer engagement with PRC. All assumed they could lead China on a pathway to greater economic freedom and, in the end, more political liberty.” This gamble failed miserably. The PRC is more repressive in China and aggressive abroad under [Chinese dictator] Xi Jinping.

Roberts also attacked the American “deep state.”

Roberts said in an interview that, in the end, it will be necessary for many sectors of American society and government to work together. “In other words, we won’t defeat the CCP by simply passing legislation. It is important that American entrepreneurs put the United States, American workers, and the future freedom of America first.