High School Test Scores Are Plummeting, and It’s Not Just Because of the Pandemic


These numbers are unambiguous and shocking. American high school students are more inept and less educated than ever. Their ability to learn has dropped to its lowest point in over 30 years. This is yet another sign of the dereliction that is occurring in American education.

According to The Free Beacon’s Wednesday report, the average composite score for the class of 2022 was 19.8 from 36. This is the lowest point total since 1991.

They were not spared from the pandemic. Chris Queen of PJM reported that Georgia’s Gwinnett Schools had added gender propaganda to their mix. One group called it “inappropriate gender lessons” on Chromebooks issued by schools. These lessons are not available to parents if they log in from another device. Danielle “Flint” Serio has a whole class dedicated to “queer” and uses words such as “Trump,” “white,” Christian, and “heterosexual” to define “fascist”. A conservative Minnesota school district has a ninth-grade curriculum that includes explicit rape scenes.

All public schools in the country are subjected to the same indoctrination. 42 percent of ACT-tested graduates failed to meet any of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks. The benchmarks are English and math, science, reading, and science. Last year, 38 percent failed to meet these benchmarks. English, science, and math? It’s hard to deny.

It is a lot to pack into one school day. They don’t have the skills to do any other.

Janet Godwin is the CEO of ACT. She said that the drastic decline in test scores was particularly alarming. We are seeing an increasing number of seniors leaving high school, despite not meeting college readiness benchmarks for any subject that we measure. The Associated Press examines the decline and (surprise!) racism.

This obsession with race and all the Left agendas is what has caused problems for all students. Unfortunately, few politicians have shown the courage to take on this problem.

Our schools seem to be producing an indoctrinated generation of imbeciles.