Highland Park Mayor Rotering Calls for Nationwide Ban of Guns


The inept and disconnected responses of local leadership to the shootings in their communities during the July Fourth weekend were shocking. Most of the violence-stricken areas were run by Democrats.

Color me shocked.

My colleague wrote about the shameful response by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to a Philadelphia mass shooting.

After going on a tirade about gun violence, Kenney told a CBS Philly reporter, “f***it, I can’t get out of here!” because he couldn’t stop worrying about what was next in the city where he was elected.

“There isn’t a single day or event where I don’t look up at the ceiling and worry about things. Everything that has happened in the city the past seven years, I worry about. Fourth of July is not something I enjoy, nor does the Democratic National Convention. The NFL draft was not something I enjoyed. I wait for something to go wrong all the time. So when I’m not here, I’ll be happy and I can still enjoy some things.

Kenney smiled and replied “yes” when he was asked if he was looking forward to not becoming mayor.

He’s a Democrat, of course.

Nancy Rotering is the Highland Park Mayor. Rotering promotes the gun control narrative and complains to NBC’s Meet the Press NOW about the insufficient efforts made by the nation to end gun violence.

“People need to recognize that these guns were designed to kill people.”

Rotering seems like Sen. Chuck Schumer can just wave a magic wand and make everyone go away.

Despite protests from Democrats, the founders didn’t include a mass shooting clause.

Rotering admits at the very least that Illinois had gun control measures before the July 4th shooting.

It did not do them much good.

“We banned assault weapons in 2013 and survived litigation from NRA to the United States Supreme Court. ”

It’s a puzzle: Why didn’t the assault weapons ban stop this mass shooting Bobby Crimo from purchasing multiple firearms despite his history as a disturbed teenager despite all the restrictions placed on Illinois firearms.

These questions Rotering refuses to answer

But, banning all guns in the future will stop any further shootings.

“Who is responsible?” “All of us are. Friends are. Families are. We must not forget that people from other countries can also post insane videos, have anger problems, or be mentally ill. They aren’t able to commit mass murder because they don’t have the weapons of war.”

When were semi-automatic rifles made into weapons of war? These propaganda and incendiary terms are totally absurd.

It is a multi-pronged issue for me. We must discuss the reasons we are not celebrating freedom yesterday.

Rotering thinks law-abiding citizens are being held hostage to guns. He believes that self-defense and common sense do not apply to firearms. Rotering believes it’s always about victimhood. We must get out of this slavery.

Rotering instead of leading her community through grief, healing, and hope, preached the gospel of nationwide gun bans and adopted the rallying cry, “DO SOMETHING!” ”

Rotering claims she was not given any guidelines to help her deal with a mass shooting.

“I have heard many of these mayors. They are at their breaking point.

This interview is an insight into the mindset and mentality of being in sync with a party agenda and doubling down on failed policy decisions while insisting on your goals.