Highland Park’s Mayor Blames Gun Culture After City’s Assault Weapons Ban Fails To Stop Mass Shooting


Nancy Rotering, a Democrat mayor of Highland Park, blamed “gun culture” for the failure to stop an attack on her July 4th parade.

Rotering was interviewed by Hoda Kolb on NBC’s Today Show, July 5, 2022. Hoda Kolb pointed out that she signed an ‘assault weapon’ ban in 2013 and it is still in effect.

Kolb and Rotering discussed the gun that was used in the shooting of the July 4th parade, with Rotering stating “it was legally acquired.”

Rotering demanded a fresh look at the laws surrounding legally acquired guns

Later, she added:

After two years without a parade, yesterday we came together as one community to celebrate freedom and independence. We were eager to unite as a community to honor our nation. Unfortunately, the gun culture has turned our nation against us, and our celebrations have been canceled.

Rotering suggested that someone had a “mental breakdown” as the conversation progressed to the person police took into custody after the attack.

Then she quickly flipped to say, “But…but I don’t even want to ascribe it mental health.” We need to discuss the fact that weapons of war are legally available on our streets. Then take out dozens.

Highland Park has an “assault weapon” ban. It also has a red flag statute, a 72-hour waiting time for gun purchases and must first get a Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID).

Only those with a FOID card are allowed to legally purchase and possess firearms in Illinois.