Hiring a DEI Officer Means Your Company Prioritizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Your company may have already hired a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). It may be soon if it hasn’t already. This is a great time to refresh your resume.

Many companies didn’t feel satisfied with the simple act of hanging a BLM banner in their windows during the 2020 riots to honor Saintly George Floyd. To prove that they were not racist, companies started hiring CDOs in record numbers to impress the wokesters.

What does a CDO do?

The duties of a CDO are defined by thebalancemoney.com:

The chief diversity officer (or chief diversity officer) is the person responsible for implementing a company’s diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), programs. This executive is responsible for creating DEI strategies that ensure diversity in hiring and promotion within the company, as well as diversity training programs. They establish fair-pay policies and track progress to determine how it is going. This role has the ultimate goal to create an equitable working environment for all employees.

The job of a CDO is to make sure your company has a diverse workforce, and that everyone is treated equally. After a discrimination scandal, companies often hire a CDO.

Apple’s CDO was in serious trouble after she suggested that diversity is more than skin color. Soon after, she resigned.

Communism is disguised as virtue and the CDO that your company hired is no exception.

CDOs recommend diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), programs that companies should follow. CDOs also ensure that there are enough minority employees to support the company. All of this sounds nice and… inclusive.

Many CDOs, however, are not “woke” and some are even racist.

“CAUdacity,” a slang term, is used to describe “audacity”, which is displayed by Caucasians. In 2020, the Department of Defense CDO Kelisa Wing used it. It is a portmanteau.

A portmanteau is a word that is formed by combining two words.

CDOs have the power to remove people from their jobs for the sake of equity.

Good luck to a CDO who can recruit enough people into a company. It is difficult to get rid of commies, which are like roaches. They can rise up the ranks and be promoted to high-ranking positions in a company, often based on their work ethic or talent.

Also, CDOs aren’t free. The average salary one takes home to make sure everyone feels “included” is $233,000. School systems are also suffering under the price of waking.

CDO Loniehaynes claims that he was fired from AmerisourceBergen, a pharmaceutical company. Haynes was hired to assist with the company’s “commitment towards fostering diversity and inclusion.” Haynes was fired by AmerisourceBergen after he allegedly exceeded his boundaries and approved a contract that his wife owned.

Imagine if all the racist Human Resource directors were fired by companies. Isn’t it possible for the CDO to be treated the same as the Blockbuster Video clerk?